Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Piano, Sword and Title Pictures

Hello buddies! This is Stang. Sorry for such a late post and for not posting yesterday. (My internet keeps going down! D:) Right now I only have a little bit of time to post, so I'll have to post on the pages and do special posts some other time.

Today's new item is the Grand Piano!
It's wooden and for members.

Yesterday's item was the Rare Freedom Sword, and it was a Monday Rare. 
Here's what it looks like on a penguin :)

Have you noticed our new title pictures for the Fun and Extras page? I'm going to make more for the other pages if I find time to. :)

There's so many new posts on the Daily Explorer, so click here to read!

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day and jam on!


P. S. In one of my recent posts about the new Jam A Gram, Proud as an Eagle, it's actually old and i haven't realized it until later. There are also more new ones! :)

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