Sunday, November 16, 2014

Den Design Ideas

Hi buddies, this is Stang with a special post: Den Design Ideas.

Don't know how to make your den look unique? Then this post is perfect for you! :)

Note: If you are reading this in a language other than English, the word "plushie" is not a real word but a word from Animal Jam, and it means "stuffed animal".

1. Plushie Display

The Plushie Collection display is a neat and organized way to show off your plushies without cluttering up your den. Since they are so small, I suggest putting them in a place where it is raised and away from other items, like the barriers in your house that separates the den form the outside.

Plushie display! You actually can't fully see some of them up there, but it looks cool.

2. Plushies with bows!

They look make your animals look cute but...

...avoid putting them on these special type of plushies that move, because when you click ti and it rolls up into a ball, you are left with a weird "floating" bow. 

An alternative to that is putting them on other stuff, but if the animal is too small, it will look weird. 

You can also put bows on other things that will fit it. (For example, phantoms do not fit a bow, unless you want to make it look funny.)

3. Fake Second Floor

I'm a non-member, and as you may know, we non-members don't like how we don't get to do certain things that members get to, like having a bigger house.
Anyway, I used a rug (you get one when you start) to make a second floor. You can't access it so it can be like a "storage" are where you can put random objects that look nice but don't fit in with your theme.

4. Symmetric Dens

Symmetry in dens makes them look really nice, especially if the items go together.

5. Phantom Globes (A Concept)

If something looks like it will fit with something else, mash them together and if it make a cool new item, keep it. This phantom has a circular top and it's about the same size as the snow-globe. 

Basically, you can stack items to make them look better!
This one is a scarecrow on a portal on a stone circle. (Warning: the portal changed color so sometimes if it is a non-matching color, it will look really bad.)

If we get a lot of great feedback, I'll make some 'sequel' posts! Thank you for reading, share to support, and jam on! Bye!



  1. That phantom snow globe looks like the animals are screaming for help and waving their arms while they are getting sucked into the phantom O.O

    1. i need a bunch of nm ideas and i cant seem to find an idea except of one that crowds my den

  2. Hi stang, its been a while. I am someone that you know, okay. Umm stang can you play growtopia instead of AJ? My cousin and I have already quit AJ and we plan to close out account down.. Now im playing growtopia..

  3. One of the phantom plushie's wears a bow :P

    1. Oh right... Well when I was writing the post I meant the phantom statues.

  4. Hi this is in the FUTURE!!!!!!!! (Hehehe)

  5. I have an idea...........
    When you make the second floor, you could import several rugs from spare accounts and make an actual complete second floor. Then you could get star pillows or just regular pillows to stack it up and make it look like a staircase. Just a common idea thought :P

  6. cool ideas.....
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