Thursday, November 6, 2014

Gigantic Sky Kingdom, New Update, and Many Items Coming and Going!

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Anyway, we have a lot of news. A lot of items coming and going along with a huge update.

There is another huge den available for members at the Diamond Shop, called the "Sky Kingdom". It's bigger, better and cooler than the Crystal Palace.

It sells for 7 diamonds, the same as the Crystal Palace, but it's a lot bigger. 

This is the overview of it. In the top left is a rainy forest, top right is a stone kingdom, bottom right grassy islands and bottom left a house. This is like a combination of the castle den, small house and two other outdoor areas. 

You start out at the center of four gems pointing to the four sections. The den is huge

The rainy forest has a small waterfall which you can ride down. 

You can also go to the castle and ride down a rainbow and then a really long green slide.  

The slide leads you down to the bottom right island. 

The new Sky Kingdom is great, but it's really big and it takes a long time to run around the place. Overall, it's a great place to host big events (but people will probably crowd around the starting location) but not as a 'home' or place to talk with a few buddies. 
Tip: The Sky Kingdom is a really great place to host hide-and-seek or find-the-object games. 

Anyway, here's the second page of the Jamaa Journal! Pet lions are here, and polar bears (we were correct!) are coming soon to a Jamaa near you. 

Click "Read More" to find out about the rest of the update! (It's really big!)

This is what the lion looks like. I'm guessing you can switch the hair for a mane or something else. 

There's a new adventure which is a corn maze. Will there be phantoms?

There's a new hair salon theme, and ice armor is on sale! Does that mean it will leave soon? Also, was the hair salon a theme choice in the big den item theme vote?

Here are the hair salon theme items!

The items are: (This is based on my memory so I may have gotten some wrong.)
  1. Salon Broom
  2. Hair Dresser
  3. Silly Wigs
  4. Crazy Wigs
  5. Salon Chair
  6. Salon Sinks 

There's a new items called the Cornucopia (it came in a while ago) and also some kind of string of leaves. As you may see, many items are leaving soon. 

If you guessed from the new items' theme (the Cornucopia, not the hair salon items) Autumn is here in Animal Jam! 
Night of the Phantom items are leaving, and the phantom vortex has already left, basically making the scarecrow prize very rare! 

The last new item is The Elephant Claw. 

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