Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wreaths, Owls and the Spooky Party!

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

Today I played with the sound on (I usually don't like to) and the music kind of calmed me. It reminded me of early Animal Jam ^-^

Anyway that was just random sharing. There's two new items!

The Fall Wreath, located in the regular den item shop, is in time for the holiday season!

There is also a new Pet Owl in the Diamond Shop. 

I finally got access to the Spooky Party. 
This is the first floor.

Here's the second floor!

These are the six spooky clothing items, shown below. 

Click read more to see the other items sold in the Spooky Party!

Here are the spooky den items!

Spooky Old Bones is the only song.

All but one item is for members only :(

Well thanks for reading and share to support. Play wild and jam on, bye!


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