Monday, November 24, 2014

Rare Turkey Hats And New Author

Hey buddies, this is Lulu! Wait...I should introduce myself first, I'm the new author for the wonderful blog Animal Jam Buddies! Some things about me are, i'm a radical person who loves cute kittens, drawing anime (even though I have no idea how, I'm still trying) and reading Homestuck I also like to Skateboard and do outdoor sports.

Enough about me, lets get to the Rare Item Monday item, shall we? 
Today's new item is a Rare Turkey Hat, it kinda looks like a freedom turkey hat, doesn't it?...Or maybe that's me.

Well I guess that's all for today. See ya later buddies!


  1. what's your username? And it does sorta look like the freedom turkey hat with the colors changed around

  2. Wonderful have a new author! good luck :) sorry I can't post very often.

  3. Hi Lulu! Welcome to Animal Jam Buddies! :)


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