Sunday, November 16, 2014

Turkeys, Coat Hangers, AJ VS Minecraft and More!

Hi buddies, it's me, Stang posting. Posting is quite hard but I'll try to post when possible. ;)

Maybe you can sign up to be an author and post on this blog. You'll meet new people, make friends, learn many things and a lot of other stuff. (It's a big responsibility though, but if you're a Blogger at heart, you'll enjoy it.)

The Turkey Hat is back! :)

We also have two new den items: the Wood Coat Hanger, and the Salon Rug! I believe the pattern on the rug is different types of animal hairs/furs. 

Here are two old polls!

Do you like Animal Jam or Minecraft better?

Which game won? Click read more for the answer! (And another poll result.)

Animal Jam won! (This is a blog about Animal Jam so the poll was quite biased, however.)

Anyway here's the other poll: How do you spend your diamonds on Animal Jam?

Most people spent their diamonds on animals (probably the eagles).

That's it for today, so bye jammers, and share to support and may sign up to be an author! Thank you for reading and jam on, bye!


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