Thursday, March 12, 2015

Big Changes, Clovers and Paint, and Turtles Fighting with Light-Sabers

Hi buddies, it's Stang.

Sorry about no posts for a while; every single author has been unable to post. We all have many commitments and although I love this blog, I know that there are more important things, such as education and our social life.

Big changes are coming. Not just we-got-two-hundred-thousand-views big changes, but bigger. Watch out and be prepared.
Haha okay it's not that dramatic but it's going to be pretty big. 

Instead of the new items. I decided to started off this post (well I already did start it, but I mean the section with pictures) with a new Animal Jam advertisement:

There's six new items in all, and five of them are den items. They are the Clover Fence, Clover Fan, Painter's Scaffolding, Painted Star and Painted Rainbow. 

The sixth item is the Clover Trident, found in Bahari Bargains.

Turtles fighting whit light-sabers ◕o◔ 

Okay that's it for today so share to support, bye!


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