Friday, March 6, 2015

Lucky Clovers Adventure, New Den Theme and Armor

Hi buddies, this is Stang with a super huge post; it's update day! :D

First, the new items that don't have too much to do with the Jamaa Journal:

The Clover Bracelet can be found in the regular clothing item shop. It looks really cool! :)

There's a new armor set: the Clover Armor! They include all five regular armor pieces and cost a total of 9 diamonds. The friendship armor is leaving soon.

There's a new "The Seal Claw" in the Diamond Shop, too.

And here is the amazing Jamaa Journal!

There's a new adventure called Lucky Clovers! 

Clover patches have arrives with spring.

Use four leaf clovers to unlock chests filled with cool prizes. If you unlock 50, you can unlock the epic chest which contains epic stuff, like spikes! (SPIKES!!! :D)

Find four-leaf clovers on the ground...

..and use them to unlock chests. 

Somehow I got kicked out of the LuckyAdventure because I was idling...
Usually you would get gems (25-200?) but you have one in ten chances to get a prize, which is a lucky item.

Click read more to find out about another special feature in the new adventure, a new den item theme and more!

They have those "four people dance to win a prize" things again.

When you unlock it, clover stairs appear (sorry, they disappear really quick) and you can run up them to the top where there's five bags of 25 gems and a clover key. (My advice: it's not worth the time to gather up four people.)

 There's a new den item theme: the Paint Studio! Wait a second, didn't the pizza theme win? Is the paint studio like the runner up?

So far, there are eight items: paint marks, paint mixer, something I-don't-know-what-it's-called-maybe-paint-paw-prints, painter's canvas (?), painter's ladder, paint splat, paint roller and tray, and paint buckets!

Pi day is on March 13th, so there will be a sale on the weekend of the special day! Don't know what Pi is? It's a special, never-ending number that helps us find out the circumference, area and other stuff about a circle.
Also, snow leopards are extinct but if you donate enough they'll come back :)

Celebrate Lucky Day by checking out all the lucky items on sale! Also, lions are returning, yay!

Wow, that was a lot! Be sure to share to support and to let your friends know about all of this new stuff. I hope you enjoyed this post, so comment and jam on, bye!



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