Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Steam-Punk Rare and Cool Cape

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

Did you realize I made about the last ten posts? Weird.. :T
I haven't heard form Lulu in practically a month. Does anyone know what happened to her?

Anyway here are the daily items:

Today's new item is the Clover Cape, found in Bahari Bargains for 450 gems. This si a returning item. This is a really cool looking article of clothing and looks great on seals. (I play Underwater Best Dressed :P)

The Monday Rare is the Rare Construction Hat! It looks really cool :)
If you want to make your character look steam-punk wear pretty much the same outfit as that monkey but have the colors be brown/tan.

That's it for today, so share to support, comment and jam on! Bye!



  1. For a steam-punk look I usually wear the mechanical eyeball-thing, mech wings, and wind tail armor. Maybe the bottle-necklace (I forget the nameees) and a gold glove. I don't wear this stuff a lot, but occasionally it's fun! Cool post, Stang :3

  2. Omg where I live I woke up to icy sidewalks and i slipped 4 times :P and my knee and elbow and hand is bruised

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    1. Hi! Although you meet all our requirements, I read your blog and it didn't really meet some standards for the way you described the new things in Animal Jam. Sorry!

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