Saturday, March 7, 2015

Lucky Clovers Cheat, When You Win and Heart

Hi buddies, it's Stang!

Do you have the winter loading pages too? I have them and it's pretty weird because meanwhile the rest of Jamaa is in spring.

Today there's more about the new Lucky Clovers adventure, but first, the daily items:

You can buy the new Shamrock Glasses in the regular clothing shop.

The Painted Heart is a members-only addition to the paint studio den item theme. No love for non-members? ;-;

This is what the clover stairs look like when you have four people dancing on the clover buttons:

The prizes are a clover (necessary to unlock all 50 chests; there's exactly 50 clovers and 50 chests) and five bags of 25 gems. 

If you're not fast enough, you can get stuck; the clover stairs will disappear when all the dancers are off the buttons. If you are still on the stairs, you may get stuck. 

I got stuck D:
I had to have people dance on the clovers to help me.

Click read mroe to find out what happens when you receive the Epic Key!

After you painstakingly open all 50 chests, you'll receive the Epic Key. It looks like this:

You have to go back to the Epic Chests to retrieve your prize. The adventure reward chests look like this:

Oh. Great. I got Hypno-Glasses -.-

Are these even rare?
Patrick is enthusiastic.

Sorry if that was bit of raging heh I really expected something great even though nonmembers can't get spikes. Maybe one of those big blue beta tables.

Here's a picture sent in by a reader: it's a cheat sheet to the Lucky Clovers adventure. (I don't say the person's name if they got it from the Internet, which they did. This picture is form Animal Jam Spirit.)

Anyway thanks for reading! Share to support and jam on, bye!



  1. Wah keren nih Game nya hhehe pernah maen cuman blom pernah tamat :p
    Bisa dicobanih cheat game nya hehe.
    Ohya mas, reques dunk buatin cheat battlefield4 ya ya kalau ada hehe. Ijin nyoba caranya :)
    Makasih infonya ^^

  2. Welp the new one is easier, plus I got a yellow long from it 😁

    1. I have never played it but my bff got her r a te friendship top hat and blue long wrist from it so I think I'll try. I'm jammersrok12345 if U care

  3. Dude, it's me! Ipoder56789 or Ariell2323! Remember?

  4. plz buddy my user is Sparklebunny2000 :)

    1. Omg! My user is Carrotbunny1000! We are sooo similar! :)

  5. what do u mean 'chests'? im jamgirrafe5

  6. What does the yp mean in the map?


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