Friday, March 20, 2015

NEW GAME! And Mini-books, Spring Armor, and Trading Tips

Hey buddies, it's Stang.

Sorry for this weird posting schedule. I'm planning really big changes but it's stuck on some parts and truly don't know when to release it, and weather as a surprise or let everyone know and slowly put in the changes... So many possibilities and choices >.<

Anyway we got a big new update, with a new game and all that cool stuff. (A NEW GAME!)

Let's start with the Jamaa Journal!

Lions are back! I think they're pretty cool, but when I went to Jamaa Township, nobody had a lion. However, I think it's mainly due to the price tag rather then popular demand.

The new lions cost 10 diamonds, as usual. Don't you think animals should cost less? (Or we should have a way for everyone to earn diamonds, like in adventures, etc.)

Trading tips from AJHQ! Honestly, before their tips were pretty bad because they said the rare plaque items were rare and didn't say anything about other items, like betas, that were super rare but didn't ave a plaque, but this time it's way better.
This is one of the first time that AJHQ has told us a specific scam to avoid, which is not letting someone "borrow" you items because they'll probably not return it.
In addition, they added a new feature, which will let you know if you're trading a rare plaque item or a diamonds item. The rare plaque one is kind of unnecessary, because it's visible, but the diamond item makes sense.

It's a "party game" which means you can only play it when it comes up in the party list. It's called "Best Guess" and will test your knowledge about mainly animals and nature, like Temple Trivia, but the difference (beside the party part) is that there are two sides, one with a check mark (true) and an x (fase) and a question will show up and you stand on the side which represents your answer.
Don't you think it's kind of weird that the game is about knowledge but it's called Best Guess?

It looks like this:
(Did the sliding bar change? It looks wider...)

Click read more to find out about upcoming parties, a new armor set, a special feature and new items!

There's a new armor set, called the spring armor set and it includes all the regular armor pieces. 
There's also new mini-books in the Chamber of Knowledge (first floor) about lions and other animals!

This is what the spring armor set looks like:

There are currently only five mini-books available, but AJHQ s sure to make more. They current books are: otters, polar bears, pandas, lions and owls!

April is coming soon, along with the April Fool's Party! Also, go ot the Conservation Museum to check out the new exhibit on African animals!

This is the Lucky Throne. It's new. 

The  Musketeer Hat and Musketeer Boots are fresh in store but not new to Jamaa; they're returning items.

That's it for today! Thank you for reading, share to support and jam on!


Note: What's your favorite part of the new update?

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