Saturday, March 28, 2015

Funny Glitches, Music and Lionfish

Hai it's Stang :)

Today I played with the sound on (if you don't know, I usually don't), so I'm going to write about the music and stuff. If you just want to k now what the new items are, just scroll until you see a picture. 
Ahh the Animal Jam theme brings back old memories ^-^

When I went around the lands and shops, I realized that I had never heard the music before in some areas, like the Epic Wonders and Sunken Treasures. IT SOUNDS SO COOL! 

However, the Outback Imports musics sounds kind of, well, off to me, because before I heard the music, I always thought of it as a cozy home-like area. Also, you can easily hear where the music loops. 

Whoa the Chamber of Knowledges music is really science-fiction-like. (It's cool :D) My only problem with it that it's not real music and sounds kind of bad because it's just some harp chords over and over.

OK so for the new items :P

The Flower Crown is back.

And so is the Lionfish Amor and the Lionfish Helmet. 

Here's a funny glitch send it by none other than the Webkinz78620! It says "Welcome to the Diamond Shop" in Jamaa Township! :P

Here's another glitch (I took this one): the person's name doesn't show. 

Thanks for reading, share to support and jam on, bye!


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