Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bounce House Party, Heart Items, and Backgrounds

Hi buddies, it's Stang.

AHHHH! Nobody posted ;-; (Sorry about that; I was really busy.) Anyway we have a lot of new items today, plus some extra news sent in and discovered.

The Heart Antennae Headband can be found in the regular clothing shop. I believe it is a returning item...

There's three new den items, the Princess Chair, Heart Window and Heart Rose Archway. 

In addition, there's even more heart stuff at the underwater clothing shop! I don't know if AJHQ is overdoing the heart theme or if there's really nothing else they can base their holiday items off of.

Anyway, the new items are the Heart Eye Patch and the Heart Necklace. 

The Monday Rare was the Pink Purse! It actually first came out as a Jamaaliday present some years ago. 

I finally got access to the Bounce House Party! Click read more to find out more about it. 

The place is like a huge bouncy castle, and you automatically start jumping once you get onto the bounce house. There are multicolored balloons everywhere. The bounce house includes three "stories" and two slides. 
Did you know that if you do an action, for example sit, you will stop jumping?

Oh no! There's a hole in the bounce house!
Near the front of the plot is a little seating area, which looks kind of a "sample" for the items. 

These are the items. They are all inflatable; there's a lamp, rug, table, ottoman, chair and couch. They also look like bubbles or ice stuff :P

 This is a common glitch in Animal Jam, or at least its homepage/website. This glitch happens when the HTML coding is there to show the information, but the C++ coding is missing, therefore resulting in a dull, bullet-point style website. (C++ coding makes stuff look cool.)

Sent in by Webkinz78620.
There's a new Animal Jam background! It's about... the summer carnival? Seems a little too early, but it's new so here it is:

Credit to Iceclaw28730!
I checked the Daily Explorer and there's also two more new backgrounds!

Otters :)

Tavie, the alpha dolphin. 

Thanks for reading, share ot support, comment, and jam on! Bye!



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