Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mermaid Wolves? Plus Lamps, Scales, and Glitches

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

We have more new items than usual today! :)

There's the Moon Lamp, which is pretty cool. What lamps do you think will come next? Earth Lamp? Mars?

In the Bahari Bargains, there is the new Mermaid Necklace and Rainbow Scales. 

Isn't it kind of weird for there to be some kind of humanoid thing in Animal Jam? I wonder if there;s going to be mermaid wolves or something. Haha, that would be cool. And kind of weird too, though... 0-0

For some reason, Animal Jam glitches a lot when I'm playing player-to-player games. Instead of our name tag names, weird numbers in there instead. 

Hi GalaxySparkle :P
Anyway that's it for today! Share to support and jam on! :)



Hey jammers! A note from stang: Please be kind, appropriate and do not use any strong language. Thank you!

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