Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Animal, Pet, Party, Items, Contest, App and More! :D

Hi buddies, this is Stang!

Today we have a huge post about the mobile game, items coming and going, the new Jamaa Journal and everything in it.

Here's what the beta Animal Jam on mobile looks like! Wow, did it start already?

The game is very 3-D and realistic as Animal Jam can get.

Many things have changed, like how you customize your animal. 
Credit to this video for the information, as well as Sebothebest for the link. 

All of the Jamaaliday items will be leaving soon! Trading tip: buy them quick so you can trade them for rares later on! :)

Today's new item is The Crocodile Claw. It's found in the Diamond Shop as usual. 

And now for the Jamaa Journal...
THERE'S PET PANDAS! They're so cute .3.

They cost three diamonds, but they seem worth it (for members). 

Haha doesn't this one look like Liza? Imagine having a little Liza pet running besides you :P

There's a new party called the Bounce House party! Does your animal really bounce? I wonder what the animation would be like :)

Click read more to find out even more! There's something huge that's about to be released-- read more to find something you look for...

 Anyway if you had to wait for the page to reload and everything, the topic is about the Bounce House party. I'll try to get you guys pictures soon but it's an hour away so... D:

Moving on... there's a den item contest, or poll. 

You can choose from deep space, pizza parlor or a paint studio!

This is the paint studio. 
This one isn't exactly my favorite because the symbols may cause controversy plus there's not much furniture...

This is the Pizza Parlor. 
I really like this one because it matches well with any den, especially the restaurant den (and maybe the non-member Small House). 

At first this one seemed like the best but it doesn't really fit well with any dens... But it's cool and that's nice. 

There's a new animal! :D
It took me a while but I finished the puzzle and... IT'S AN OWL!!!

Owns are pretty cool! I hope it's a non-member animal so everyone can have a flying animal. Then we can access all the same shops, lands, and adventures. 

Thanks for reading! Please share this post to support the blog because this post took a really long time to make. (Plus your friends will like to hear about this news.) Jam on and bye!



  1. You didn't finish the puzzle lol! You forgot to swap two of them the finished puzzle has color and eyes.


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