Thursday, January 29, 2015

Special Delivery, Friendship Party and New Items

Hi buddies, this is Stang!

Today is "update day" and we have a new Jamaa Journal, items, and more!

Today's new item si the Heart Ring found in the Epic Wonders.

This is the Jamaa Journal!

There's a new adventure, called "Special Delivery" and I'll show you it after this. 

This page is about Greely's Hideout. 

There's a new friendship armor and party. There's more pages, but they're old and have already been posted. 

This is the Special Delivery adventure! Owls need help with delivering valentines, so you help them by delivering valentines to mailboxes.

It looks like this:

There will be a paw above each mailbox, which you click to deliver the valentine.

Click read more to find out about the new Friendship Party and see it's special items! :)
Here's a sneak peek:

The party takes place in a princess castle den. (Is that the correct name?)

It's nicely decorated with AJHQ's style: line up themed item alond the sides but leave plenty of space. 
(That seems like a cool method for decorating your own den! Or you can use my fabulous den advice fomr the last post >:D)

You can buy the special items at the very top of the den. 

Here's the items!

By the way, even though there are owls in the adventure, they haven't been released; I checked the Diamond Shop. However, I forgot to check the "make a new animal" thing so they might be...


That's it for today, share ot support and play wild, bye!


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