Saturday, January 17, 2015

Star Lamp and Mohawks

Kon'nichiwa aibo! (That means hello buddies) It's me Lulu and we got..interesting items...I guess.......:3 First up, we got our Star Lamp which I want in my room very bad- oh wait I already have one....>:3 jealous? OK OK just kidding you know I love you guys.

 Okay second thing that I do not all is the Mohawk it may look good on boys but....not on girls never ever good on girls, you know it reminds me of a J-Pop (Japanese Pop) music video where they have huge and i'm talkin' HUGE mohawks and they're doing a clapping motion with their hair, I laughed so hard.

(Now i'm sorry with my love of Japan blame it on Babymetal and Anime.)
Thats all I have for today SAYONARA BUDDIES! (Woops I did it again...well bye :3)

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