Friday, January 23, 2015

Our Special Reward, Friendship Magnet, and Super Huge Hideout

Hi buddies! It's Stang.

I didn't share Bluewat's post on Google+ because I wasn't able to post that day, so click here for her post! It include the new update (it's really cool) and a new item. Jammers fulfilled a task and in turn, AJHQ did something very special!
Here's a hint: (see picture below)

With the friendship party and all that stuff coming soon, there's a lot of new items to match it. There's the Princess Chair, Pink Crystal, Heart Mat, Pink Chest, and Rose Table. 

There's another item that was from a while ago (we forgot to post it, sorry >.<), called the Giant Magnet. Great uses for it is in music videos (if you don't understand feel free to comment below and I'll explain it) and funny pranks or wacky den item combinations. 

Here is the new armor set in the Diamond Shop, called the Friendship Armor. There's the helmet, back aror, tail armor and more. All armor sets contain the same types of things.

This si what it looks like on a giraffe. And that's me next to it. 

There's a new den, called Greely's Hideout! It's really big and costs 7 diamonds. It follows approximately the same format as the sky kingdom and also reminds me of the volcano den but a lot bigger.... way bigger. 

It's called Greely's Hideout but it's super huge...
Don't you think it would have been discovered since it's so big?
Do you guys know that weird glitch where someone is running... and running.. and running in place?

That's it for today and also not fully it for today; click here to read Bluewat's post if you didn't yet. It contains a lot of good information ;)
Well thanks for reading, share ot support and jam on!


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