Monday, May 5, 2014

2013 Awards and Achievements

Thank you everyone for staying with Animal Jam Buddies!

We would like to honor some special people and also point out some achievements!


Animal Jam Buddies would like to honor...

Helping the blog during it's early days: Poppila and Sun Starr

Frequent Commenting: Sebothebest

Helpful Comments: Paul Aharin

Supporting the blog: Webkinz78620

Being a 'Blog Buddy':
Riverclanmistyfoot, Sebothebest, Tabby Leiws, Jennica Burrows, Dangerk9AJ, Alrillex, Karina Ratinska, Poppila, Pokeponylover, WindDreamer, cubscout9, Eric Liu, Caden Day, Webkinz78620, Cat Girl, Li Ws, Jammer Jamma, Willow Perry, BlueTheAviator, Mister ChunkyBuddy, Marian Barkers, Kimberly Sinn, Alice Hight, htxox AJ, Jamaa Jess, AJ Moore, Ani mal Jam mer, Tiffany Jefferson, Wolfinery, Jessica Parrish, Huzaifa, COLE AJ, Robin Hood, Gaby Bracconeri, Hawkeyex The Avenger, Snowytaco, Stang, and Crispymint!

Blog Achievements:


~40 Blog Buddies/Members

~1000+ Comments

~250+ Posts

~Someone has made a blog about our blog.

Blog All Time Bests:

Best Page: Fun


Thank you everyone for supporting our blog! We will continue to post and keep you satisfied!


Stang, Snowytaco, and Crispymint

*Last update of context above was around February, so some members who joined during January and February may also be there, and other parts, like the amount of views and comment are not exact. Sorry for the late release; Stang has been searching for when the time is right, but it did not present itself until now. We apologize if this causes any havoc or chaos. Thank for understanding. 


  1. You spelled my last name wrong...

  2. You spelled my last name wrong...

  3. Yay im in there 2 times :D Thanks Stang i appreciate it very much buddy pal friend guy person girl place thing :D XD

    1. You're welcome, and you can call me Stang.


Hey jammers! A note from stang: Please be kind, appropriate and do not use any strong language. Thank you!

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