Monday, May 5, 2014

Cool Rare Sunglasses and Boost Items

Hey jammers! This is Stang!

Since about 27 hours ago, the 50,000 party [tried to] take place, I will be posting a super special post!
2013 Awards and Achievements! Some special jammers will be honored, and ~50 will be recognized.

Anyway, it's Monday at AJHQ, so here's the Monday Rare: Rare Sunglasses! :)
They looks amazing, besides the pink tint which I would have prefers as maybe grey or blue.

Talking about those sunglasses, they made a post about it on the Daily Explorer (the new one). 

What's the thing the monkey is wearing on it's hand? Friendship bracelet, turquoise bracelet? 
The world may never know ;)

Magic accessories! Whoa!
This explains the +20 attack labels earlier seen on Pirate Swords and other objects. 
But look above, and notice everything the animal are wearing is members ;-;

On the new DE, there's a new form of the ad that was going around on sites like Chicken Smoothie. 
Pretty cool! :)

Be sure to check out the special post and also the Fun page and Art page, who are both having an update! 
Well, bye jammers, share to support and jam on! :D


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