Sunday, May 4, 2014

Party Is An Hour Early, Shades, Benefits, and a Fox

Hi jammers! This is Stang!

Sorry about the change, but I found out some last-minute stuff; the party has to be an hour earlier than planned. 

Anyway. I tried to decorate my den for the party, so I put a lot of space but some random objects around.

 Here's the new item! Shuttered Shades!
They looks really cool :)

After about 3 days of my jam a grams not being able to load, I found a new jam a gram from AJHQ!
It shoes members benefits. 

The resend button disappeared!

Near the top, on the right sidebar, there is a new gadget. 
Felix the Fox!
There's an ad on it, but I made the gadget short enough to cover up the ad on the bottom. You have to scroll right to see the "more" button. 
You can learn more on Fun!

Felix the Fox was chosen by you, blog readers, in an earlier post. 

Remember to go to the party! It is an hour earlier than planned. 
Bye jammers!

~Stang (see you at the party!)

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