Saturday, May 3, 2014

Party, Zios, and New DE Design

Hey jammers! This is Stang! :)

The 50,000 Views party is tomorrow! :)
Don't forget to go!

Anyway, the new item is the Zios Rug!
Wasn't Zios a really important figure during the beta times? (Or something...?)
There's a zios hanging in the Jam Mart Clothing.

Have you noticed that the name tag names are in different sizes now?
(Took away numbers or other stuff for safety and that stuff.)

When I came on today, I didn't click on a server; I just got placed in Gila. 
Strange, eh?

The DE changed!
Here's what the new one looks like! :)

Read more for more information! There's also going to be extras on Fun!

Here's how it used to look:
Actually they both exist, but I don't think the original, old DE will continue to update. 

This is Stangbuddies (my other account). 
There's double gems on Best Dressed!

The doorbell still tells you how many people are in your den even when you're in it, and it doesn't count you. 

Does the sit actions button look different?
Wider, right?

Well, check out Fun for more!

Bye jammers!


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