Thursday, May 15, 2014

UPDATE! Forgotten Desert, Underwater Pianos, Hummingbirds, Portals, and Sales!

Hey buddies! This is Stang.

Snowytaco got all the awesome picture but didn't have time to post so here's all the new stuff, credit to Snowytaco! :)

The new item is the Underwater Grand Piano!

There's a new adventure called the Forgotten Desert. It is members only.
You find shared of 5 different colors with different difficulties, from lying on the ground to having 4 jammers stand on a rock. 

Learn more at:

Hummingbird pets are back!
Didn't you have to buy membership before to also get a humming bird feeder too?
Wonder if those will come back too. 


Here it is! :)
The Hummingbird pet!

Portals! 0-0
They'll whisk you away to one of your buddy's den. 
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Get a bunch of accounts and make a SUPER DEN!!!

Here's what the shop looks like: it's on the left side of the Temple of Zios. 
That's Snowytaco's penguin. 

They're all members... WHY WHY WHY. 
It's so cool though DX
Maybe even a little falling apart trapdoor? At least?

Click "read more" to learn more about these awesome, amazing portals!

Here's what they look like! :)

The summer carnival is back!
They always have a new sign every year. 

And also a sale!

The sale is at the Cocoa Hut. 
Here's the items!

More stuff :)
Wonder if they'll give you more than what you spend if you recycle it, since it's a sale. That "glitch" or mistake happened with the Lucky Tuxedo. 

And news about the new DE website. 

Talking about the DE, what's today's post?
(This is the only picture taken by me.)
Of course, the wonderful forgotten desert!

Well, that was a lot! Come back tomorrow for more! :D


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