Friday, May 2, 2014

Cheetah Pets, New Animal and Adventures, and Doorbell

Salut les copains! C'est Stang. Désolé pour le retard de poste, mais j'étais occupé.

Unless you translated the page, that was French ;)

(Here's the translation)
Hi buddies! This is Stang. Sorry for the late post, but I was busy.


There is a lot of new items and other stuff, like pets and animals, today. I think AJHQ is trying to make up for the no update yesterday.

Anyway, here are the new items!

Another new tiki statue: the Sunken Graham Tiki Statue!
Why do they call it sunken; why not just ____ Tiki Statue?

There's also another sparkly item. 
The Sparkly Head Bow!
Predictions: Sparkly skirt/dress?

There's also new pet cheetahs! 
They come in and out real fast; only 2 days left to get them!
But does that mean they will come back too?

Talking about cheetahs, they are front-pages on the Jamaa Journal! :)

Summer is arriving in Jamaa!
An old den is returning as well as the Heatwave party!

Also, a new animal, that when you solve the puzzle, it is a large, hunched animal, which many hypothesize to be a hyena. 
On Everloop, a site by AJHQ (I think), they had a poll about what animal jammers wanted the most. Hyenas were an option, but they didn't win; the eagles did, but the hyenas are arriving anyway. 

Also, a new adventure! Does the feather mean it's eagles only? (Therefore members only.)

YES! They now have a server change button! What I always wanted :)

Also there's a doorbell thing for your den!
It will be very useful if you are holding a party; now you know when to stop advertising. 

Well, that's it for today, bye jammers!

~Stang :D

P. S. Don't forget the attend the party! :)

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