Sunday, December 28, 2014

AJHQ's [Amazing] Gift! And More :)

Hi buddies, this is Stang!

Smores :T
Today's latest Jamaaliday gift is the Snowman Fridge! If you click the fridge, it will open! (But wait, there's more! There's two parts to the fridge and they open separately! :D)

This is kind of late but:
I'm going to spam them >:D Mwauahahahaha! 

If you look at all of the emotes, you'll realize that there's double, or quadrupled or even more! (I counted 8 regular non-member happy smiley cat faces!) However, they added new ones, like the mushroom and gift box! :)

Plus, where's this face? They seem to be missing some faces... 

Today's new item is the Snow Fort Pennant Flag! But why do they make it available to non-members if we can't even buy the snow-fort snow?!

Okay so my buddy and I went on a gaming spree (we played probably 10 rounds of 4 gem and a bunch of other games) but unfortunately we have really slow computers and did it right in the middle of an overcrowded, laggy Jamaa Township. 
And that is what made this: (is it a glitch? The game never loaded so I guess it is...)

Anyway that's it for today! (Or is it?)

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