Saturday, December 27, 2014

Poofy Rug, Glitch, What is your FAV present/presents? (Sorry stang)

Hey, It's Bluewat! Sorry for not posting in a while, I was SOO busy making presents and organizing the ones I got. So first, the Glitch, then Poofy Rug,  New advertisement, and heheh... something else x3 AND What Was Your Favorite Present?

Yesterday I did the Daily spin and it said I was on for 0 days and it didn't give me a present. here is what I got today OUT OF NO WHERE! (look down)

This is the Poofy Rug I'm sleeping on ^^ (sorry crowded in my den)

New advertisement I saw on Transformice. (<-- Transformice was meant to be corrected as Transform ice haha NO IT'S SERIOUS D:<)

*Hugs Batman* :3 I love you better in the Sky.
These are my favorite  Gifts I got this year. If you do not celebrate a holiday around this time, comment below what your dream present is. if you do, comment your favorite present!
 Super Smash Bros SDS

 High Quality (GERMAN) Plastic/rubberish? Dragon With Rider

 Minecraft Collection of Books
Don't worry, I'm still a girl! (those presents do not seem girlish, I guess.) Well, long post. hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi Blue! It's fine that you were away but next time let me know ahead of time. Maybe you can make it up by posting a lot this week or something. Anyway, whoa you got really cool presents ^-^
    Minecraft 0-0


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