Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Jolly Elf Hats,Weird Glitch And 2nd Jammaliday!!

Hey guys it's Lulu here, back with another post asfter being very absent lately. Alright lets start with the Jammaliday news.
The second gift is DUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUNDUDNDU...(wow, Lulu) A Gingerbread Streamer!! It looks so awesome in a den, trust me.

Alright second item sold today is the RETURNING JOLLY ELF HAT *music plays in the backround* Yes, this thing looks so jolly.

And last but not least, Glitchy time!! Alright how many of you guys have this glitch(tell me below), when you are literally buddies....with yourself....thats just weird and this glitch has been going on for 2 weeks now (at least for me) its creepy..so creepy, here is how it looks like:

Thats all I got for today Buddies! Byeee :3


  1. Can you trade with yourself? If you can, you might be able to multiply objects! :0

    1. Oh my, that sounds like cheating a little.

    2. I'm buddies with myself and when I traded, it just kept loading..

    3. Well not actually the trade just looks empty.

  2. It happens with me, you can't trade but you can send yourself jam-a-grams
    you can send items but it doesn't duplicate it just sends it to the front of your inventory

  3. you can block yourself and you can't see your own messages


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