Friday, December 26, 2014

Epic Ice Cave, Fort and Wonders

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

If you've been wondering why Lulu hasn't posted for a while, it's because she's on vacation. (Sorry I forgot to tell you guys earlier.)

Today's new Jamaaliday gift is super cool! It's the Ice Cave. Isn't there a a member item that looks a lot like this? (Like a stone cave, though.)

There's a new Snow Fort Wall in stores. Maybe you can make a maze or another mini-house with them. 

Today when I was getting me gift I had too many den items so I had to recycle some stuff. However, my computer was being slow and laggy and glitchy, so after I recycled something to fit in the gift, the recycle pop-up stayed there. 

Sorry buddies, I forgot to check the Epic Wonders for a while, but this stuff is still "new". 

Here's the Jamaaliday Branch Antlers.

 And here is the Snowflake Throne:

That's not it for today! There's new stuff on the Fun page. Thanks for reading! Share to support, comment and jam on!


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