Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Jamaaliday Update

Hi buddies, this is Stang!

Today we have a big update! There's a new pet,

So the items from top left to right, then bottom row left to right are: Winter Fire Pit, Jamaaliday Bird Feeder, Jamaaliday Window, Jamaaliday Street Lantern (I especially like this one), Paw Ornament and the Spiral Ornament.

There's also the Popcorn Strand, Jamaaliday Lights Strand, Poinsettia Garland, Jamaaliday Stocking Ornament, Candy Cane Ornament, and the Lit Wire Reindeer.

We also have two new clothing items: the Ornament Earrings and the Jamaaliday Gift Hat!

They have new loading pages! They're so cute! >w<

Today's gift is the Bow and Arrow! Yesterday's gift was the Icicle Horn. (Looks like a unicorn horn.)

Today I finally got into the Jamaaliday Party! :)
(Unless it wasn't there before the update...)
Anyway, they have a lot of new items!
Here they are: (you can kind of tell what the name it by what they looks like)
What's a random race track doing here?

Here's the last few items:

There is also a song available; Winter's Dance.

Click read more to see the Jamaa Journal! :)

Foxes are here! :)

There's also a page about the Jamaaliday Rescue. I will post my special post about it soon. (It has maybe 50 picture.)

There's new Jamaaliday items, and aren't the gifts awesome?

The year 2015 is approaching at a rapid speed, and so is the New Year's Party and new items!

 Thanks for reading! I'll post the Jamaaliday Rescue post soon. It's probably the blog biggest post EVER. Share to support and jam on!


Last note: Here's a commenting idea! What do you like most about the new update?


  1. Did you post about the toparies in the sarepia forest shop? and the carnation too. Can i be an author? O3O

    1. Oh oops sorry! I'll try to post it soon. (I don't read comments until I'm done with the daily post.)

  2. I have not been able to get on AJ for a while :( and one have a spare icicle horn? it sounds really cool.

    1. Oh sorry I didn't play on that day. (I only heard about it.)

  3. Stangy did you read meh email bout the green diamonds?


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