Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jamtastic Jamaalidays! :)

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

I know Lulu already posted today but there's also some other new stuff that she missed. Last time I went into her post and edited it, and then shared it on Google +, but I got no feedback so let me know if you want two posts or one combined, edited one.

Yesterday's Jamaaliday gift was the Jamaaliday Mat.

Credit to for this picture. 
We also have a new song and an item in the Diamond Shop!

It's been a long time since we've had a new song. This one is called Jamaaliday Jingle.

There's also another new item called the Mysterious Scarf, available for 2 diamonds. Why is a phantom item being released during the Jamaalidays? That's not right! :0

Jammers have submitted amazing comics, and vote for your favorite one! Click here to vote.

This picture is so cool 0-0
I will try to make a special post about the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure, but I just can't win! D:
I'll try to just give you the idea of it and then pictures of the gifts. Check back soon for more!

Click here for Lulu's post! It has a TON of new item (about 5!). 

Thank you for reading! Share to support and jam on. Don't forget to comment weather you like 2 posts or just one, and your reaction to a phantom item being released during the Jamaalidays. Bye!



  1. I now the way to the middle all the time, i can post tomorrow a way description :)

    1. Okay, thanks! If you have a picture, can you send it to me?


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