Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kawaii Slippers and Trays!

Hey guys Lulu he- OH MY GURD the new cute...GAH, Just look!

The jamaaliday gift today is..A HOT COCOA SET

KAWAII-DESU!! Look at the small penguins and snowman. :3
The other cute item is REINDEER SLIPPERS *gasp* I want this, I want this so badly but i'm not a member.

Moving on to the other (less cute) Items a Giant Candy Cane!!

I wanna eat it now........*munches on it*

Oh, I remember this item, (FLASHBACK) I used to put this in my Snow Castle den Ahh good times, good times. It's a snowman!!

Thats all I have for today, じゃあまたね Buddies!!

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