Sunday, December 21, 2014

Snowflake, Diamond Clear, Pairs, and All Jamaaliday Loading Pages

Hi buddies, this is Stang.

Happy Holidays! Today is the 6/7th day of Hanukkah and Christmas and Kwanzaa is coming soon.

Today's Jamaaliday gift is the returning Elf Shoes!

There's a cool new item called the Snowflake Crown in the regular clothing shop. Doesn't the price tag look like it should be in the Epic Wonders? 
AJHQ once made a mistake where an item recycled for more money than you bought it for, and some jammers got rich off of it. Could they have made the same mistake here? (That item was also over-priced and in the regular clothing shop.)

The second new item is the Winter Fire Pit Table, found in the regular den item shop.

Iceclaw28730 got a clear picture of the green diamonds! Isn't this glitch weird?

We finally got the picture, clear as a diamond. 
The diamonds don't even have an outline or shading... Could this be the pre-drawing of them?

This is what the new Pairs buddy game is like: 
  1. Player 1 chooses two cards and sees if they match. If they do, you collect them and the cards go from the middle to your side. Your opponent sees everything.
  2. Player 2 goes. You also get to see what they do. 
  3. You play until all of the cards have been moved from the middle to a player's side. The player who has made the most matches wins. 

 Actually, my game ended differently: player 2 left and the game and little pop-up scroll never left and I just walked around an empty Jamaa. When I walked into Club Geoz, the game was still there and now I couldn't move. (I logged out eventually.)

Here's the latest poll! Do you like the [at that time] new  polar bears?
The top choices were "Yes! They're perfect!" and "They're pretty good."

Here's another kawaii, super-cute loading page. Click read more to see all of them! :)

Here's the one from yesterday.

Unlikely animal friendships! A polar bear and raccoon building a snowman! ^-^

This one is so cute >w<

Honestly, I'm basically done with the Jamaaliday Rescue post but I want to post it on a day where there's not too much going on (unlike this post). Maybe tomorrow? 

Thank you for reading! Share to support, read other parts of the blog and jam on! Bye!


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