Thursday, July 3, 2014

Freedom Knight Helmet and Nine Gorgeous AJ Backgrounds!

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

Currently I'm working on a new special post. It's going to be a surprise :)
The mini-tour post for people new to Animal Jam pretty much ready but I don't feel like the time is right to post it.

Anyway, tomorrow is the American holiday July 4th, which is what the Freedom Party is all about, which is where the new item is located! (The Freedom Party, not July 4th.)

Credit to Ancientclawzaj! :)

Today I was looking around the shops for the new items when I noticed that the Telescope was in the Outback Imports! (A shop in Kimbara.)
Wasn't it in that shop at the Temple of Zios? So I went to the zios shop and realized that they took away a lot of stuff! Are they making more room for new items?


Here's the 9 backgrounds that I mentioned in yesterday's post! :)
There's a lot of them so I'm not going to say stuff about them. 

There's a lot of pictures so here's a page break. 

Here's the link if you want to see it on the Animal Jam page or download it!

Well, that's not it for today! I have a really weird Animal Jam picture that I'll put on the Extras page. 
Bye jammers, share to support and jam on!



  1. I have the 5th background. ( raccoon and bunny )

  2. you said ink :3 lol that's ok we know what you mean X3


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