Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crispymint is Back! And Terraces and Enchinoderms

Hi buddies! This is Stang!

Crispymint is back! (As I have mentioned in yesterday's post.) She's been away from posting for quite a while, but now she is able to play Animal Jam again! Unfortunately, she will not be able to post everyday so we are getting a new author very soon!

*The buddy icon shows that I am not buddies with her because this picture was taken with one of my side-accounts, Stangbuddies. 

Today's new item is the Terrace Table! 
It looks really cool, all you have to add is some wooden chairs! Seems summer themed to me. 

Here's today's new DE! Enchinodemrs? What's that? Starfish-looking things! :P
This picture is available in much larger sizes. Click to see them. 

That's not it for today! There's new stuff on Fun and I have a mystery planned for tomorrow. I might even make a new poll ( sorry the old one has been there for about forever).

Well, bye jammers! Share to support and jam on!


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