Monday, July 7, 2014

Samurai Crystal Soccer Bunnies and Howling Wolf

Hi buddies! Sorry for all of these late posts.

Crispymint played Animal Jam yesterday. She's able to play and possibly post, but not everyday, so we're (most-likely) going to get a new author! I sent out emails for the qualifying authors and gave them fake assignments to choose the best one.

Before I show you guys the Monday Rare, here's a cool picture from the Coral Canyons!

If you go up to the bridge, you'll see a flying hawk and a wolf in the background. The wolf emerges form the left side of the mountain and walks to the cliff. It howls for a while, then slips down behind. Pretty cool, eh?

Anyway, today's Monday Rare is the Rare Samurai Helmet!

Here's 4 posts from the DE! (The four most recent.)

Rare samurai helmet.  crystal palace, soccer uniforms and bunnies with Brady Barr!

That's not it for today! I'm going to update Fun and Extras!

Bye jammers, have fun and read on!


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