Friday, July 4, 2014

Patched Chair and Strange Den Item Fading Strobe Light

Hi buddies! This is Stang. Sorry for such a late post >.<

Anyway, Happy Freedom Day, jammers.

The new item is the Patched Chair, from the Kimbara Outback!
I guess this is the start of a patched series, already including the rug.

I couldn't make a GIF because I don't really have that much time, but when I was moving around my den stuff, the box around all the den items was like a fading on and off strobe light. Yellow fade on, fade off, on, off, on off, and so on. 
Did this happen to your guys?

That's it for today. I couldn't put on the new picture on Extras and right now I don't have the picture so I'll try to post it tomorrow? Well, bye jammers! Share to support and comment! :D



  1. Stang, can you add me? My username is NaturalLife.

    1. That's a cool username! But sorry I can't buddy you, main because I don't have much buddy slots left and it would be unfair to others. However, I can buddy you on my other accounts. I use Stangerine pretty often, so you can buddy me on that one :)

  2. the den thing does that to me too

  3. same to me my little sister and all of my back ups XD

    1. I guess it's part of a new update? Thanks for the information :)


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