Monday, July 14, 2014

New Author! The Competition, Mohawk, DE Glitch and New Ad

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

Today is very special because we have a new author and also a lot of other special news.

Before we get to that, however, here is the Monday rare, the Rare Spiked Mohawk!

The DE, as usual, is about the new Monday Rare. 
Unfortunately it blacked out on me. 

Here's a new Animal Jam advertisement I found! It looks different than the others but it doesn't look fake. Isn't it a little late for the shamrock glasses, though?

And now...

Author Tryouts Results

Seven people commented who they were, what their Google email was, and why they can or would want to be an author. 

7 people

 Unfortunately, only four people truly qualified for the testing part.

4 people

I sent them an email with an assignment for them to turn in to compete against each other. 

3 people

Rose, Alice and Lorelei finished soon, but Brodieskip did not reply. 

This is Lorelei's fake post about the Porch Swing and Hyenas. 

Katniss605 (Alice) on the huge hyena update and facts about them. 

Htxox1 (Rose Moonshade) on the Old Hood and a glitch. 

 Seven became four, four became three, and now three will become one.

Snowytaco and I graded the results, gave our opinions, talked about their skills, and I even met some qualifiers on Animal Jam.

Blog buddies, authors, and everyone else, please welcome our new author...

Katniss605! (Alice)

Haha just kidding, here's the real one ;)
(Although Katniss605 says she named her account after the Hunger Games Katniss.)

Congrats, Katniss! You can make a double post today if you'd like to announce your new author-ship. 

Katniss will be posting for 2-3 weeks, while both Snowytaco and I are away. (Snowytaco will be away for a shorter time so she might be able to make some posts too.) Take good care of the blog, Katniss! You ca do it :)

Well, that's not it for today! A random maze I drew (because I like mazes) will be on fun. Also, a little tidbit from AJHQ on Extras. Bye jammers, I'll see you again in three weeks although if I get lucky I'll leave messages on Chat.  Share to support and jam on!



  1. Ooo
    I missed it...
    But my name is alice too ;;

  2. Congrats, Katniss!
    I'm looking forward to see you posting.
    Hope you can do a great job! ;)
    Btw, I'm a fan of Jennifer Lawrence. :P
    Anyway, good luck. :D

  3. congratz :( im in a bad moon cuz im moving and i will miss all my friends :3


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