Sunday, July 13, 2014

Umbrella, Transforming Eagle Glitch, and How to Easily Get to a French Server

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

Thank you Snowytaco for posting while I was away. Talking about being away, I will be on vacation for three weeks without Internet for most of the time. I will announce the new author tomorrow or possibly later today if Snowytaco replies early.

Anyway, today's new item is the Umbrella Hat!
It is found in the Summer Carnival, selling for 1,000 tickets, or if you buy tickets, 500 gems.

Thank you Katniss605 for showing me this glitch (she's the arctic wolf and eagle)! 

This is another way to have an animal stand somewhere off-limit (except for eagles). 
  1. Turn into an eagle and fly to the spot you want
  2. Turn into any land* animal other than an eagle
  3. The animal will try to go back to the path but you have to click it back to anywhere off-limits and it will eventually stop involuntarily straying

*We do not know if it works with water animals 

Katniss605 also showed me how to get to a French Server (easily)!

Just search up "FlagShop" and go to her/his den, and you will be in a French server right away! But sometimes if you go to a land, for example Jamaa Township, you will be teleported back to your original language place. 

I'm just speaking random French...

If you click the blue button, this will pop up. 

The map's locations in French. 

Here's the two DEs, one from today and another from yesterday. 

Remember, tomorrow a while after the post I will announce the new author, so check back soon! (Or sporadically check every so and then.)

That's not it for today! Go to Fun and Extras for a funny coincidence that happened on my account and also the poll which has been up for a really long time! Also, don't forget to vote on our latest poll!


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  1. Did you want to say ''Bonjour madame'' (Hello miss) because you said ''Bonjour malade'' (Hello sick). Lol, the other thing you said it good =). I guess I learned you something in French :P.


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