Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Super large and majestic post!

Hey buddies! Katniss605 here! Sorry I wasnt able to post for the past days. So to make it up... WE HAVE A GIGANTIC POST FOR Y'ALL!

So HUGE updates happened in jamma. New newspaper post, new items, new login screen. EVERYTHING! And if you cant tell im super exited.

So to start off, here are the clothing items.

This is the ribbon scarf. It costs 500 and its sold at Jam mart furniture. And as a bonus.. its a non member item!

The next item is the Candy Necklace. It is 350 gems and its also sold at Jam Mart Furniture

Without further ado. Here is the new newspaper update!
 So apparently they came out with Rhino pets!

And the new Beta Party! It quotes: "The oldest NEW PARTY!"

Also a new animal!

Also an "Official Insiders guide!" You can find these at your local Barens & Noble or Amazon Store!

And theyre coming out with many den items! Theyre choosing from an ice cream parlor, Egyptian paradise, and hair salon! And you, all you jammers, get to vote! I voted for Egyptian Paradise.

And hard mode is available for "In too deep" and more videos coming out every dang darn day!

And of course you cant have a large post without den items!!

Todays fantabulous items are the grill and the circular chair theyre both 400 gems and sold at the furniture store.

And last but not least. Theres many log in screens!

Theres also underwater themed screens!

Well thats the "Super Majestic Post" for today. This is Katniss605 telling you to keep jamming!


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