Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rhinos Return, Hatapalooza, The Claw, and New Carnival Additions

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

***Short note: I labeled most of the pictures AJB for safety, and also because I had more time today :)
Not all pictures have been labeled.

Todays new item is The Horse Claw in the Diamond Shop for 3 diamonds. It seems strange how AJHQ would put a "The" in front of the name.

There's a new Jamaa Journal today!

Rhinos are back! Hooray!

Now you can buy rhinos--that is, if you are a member. 

Here's the new Daily Explorer post: it's a short, cute cartoon about rhinos and birds. 

The phantoms are up to no good. Again. 
A new adventures which I predict is members and underwater is coming soon!

New carnival additions!
There's a new game called Dunk-The-Phantom, which you'll see in the next picture, and also new prizes! The prizes are bought, not won.

Dunk a Phantom is located in between the arrow shooting game and Phantom Ball in the Summer Carnival. 

You shoot green balls at targets to dunk the phantom. This is a timed game, so you get unlimited balls. 

There's a lot in this post so here's a page break ^-^

Sometimes there's a golden phantom, too!

The Hatapalooza is here! (It's so hard to spell!)
And also Jamaaliday in July, where the Jamaaliday party returns, most likely with the rares. 

All hats are 50% off in the Hatapalooza event!

 Whew! That was a lot to cover in one day. I might have a new thing on the pages? Well, share to support and jam on!



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