Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quilted Blanket, Patches, Signs and Pillows

Hi buddies! Sorry for the really bad post yesterday. (This is Stang.)

The new item today is the Quilted Blanket. It looks a lot like the patched series despite the color difference. It is located in the Shiveer Shoppe. (I photo edited the shop words on top of the blanket.)

This is yesterday's item, the Patched Couch. 

I was going to put this on extras but I felt like inserting this fun little tidbit on the daily post :)
Did you know the SALE sign reads: "Everything you need for you den."
And also, the yellow pillow on the left has a design that hasn't been released yet...(I think 0-0)

I finally can update the Extras page! Yay! So, yeah, go there for new stuff :)

And... that's it for today! Share to support and ajm on!


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