Saturday, August 23, 2014

Big Update and 100,000 Views! Thank You!

Hi buddies! This is Stang! :D

We reached 100,000 views!

Sometime between today and yesterday's post, we reached 100,000 views! Thank you everyone who has read this blog for contributing! This is a huge milestone for the blog. Thank you so much. :)

Thank you everyone for 100,000 views!

Yay! >w<

Yesterday, this was the view count at around the time I posted. 

And here is the [more recent] view count.  
If you are the 100,000th viewer please send me a picture of it at and you will be awarded with a prize! :0
(Or if you are the 999,999th viewer or the 100,001th.)

Do you know what this means? Party! :D
(Party in Stang's den, around the time I post, I guess. Details have not been planned yet. Maybe you guys can comment below on what time would be preferable for you. )

I'm redesigning my newer den for the party :)

About the huge update, there's going to be one on Animal Jam Buddies. (Sorry if you thought there was one on Animal Jam.) New stuff on Fun, Art, Extras, and also a new special post, one which I have been working on for a very long time. 

Anyway that was a lot about the view count, updates and party stuff. Here's the new items... after you click "Read More"! 
(Hahahaha trollololol! Just kidding. Well actually you still have to press read more.)

Today's new item is the Ram Horns! Is the upcoming animal a sheep?

And the new Daily Explorer post... Forgotten Animals of Jamaa. True, I haven't seen many crocodiles and other animals around Animal Jam. 
I realized that in this picture they didn't put any pets.

That's not it for today! Check out my special post "Welcome to Animal Jam Buddies!" and also the Fun, Art and Extras page! Share to support (this really is a must-see post) and jam on! Bye!


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