Monday, August 25, 2014

Raccon Hyena Tail, Hula Eagle and AJ Warrior Ad

Why hello there! It's me, Stang.

Today's new item is the Rare Raccoon Tail, found in the Summer Carnival. That's a change!
It's really expensive. That's not a change XD

Here's the Daily Explorer post about it. This is one of the few times the animal is a hyena/ May it even be the first?

Here's how yesterday's item look on an eagle. It looks kind of weird because an eagle's lower half is a lot smaller than the top half, which is greatly extended by wings. (Or at least portrays the illusion of being immensely larger.)

I can't tell if this is a new Animal Jam advertisement, but it surely is and advertisement! :)

Warrior jammers, arise! :0

I will update some pages after I post this. (Sometimes people read the post and then look for the updates on the pages but can't find them because I'm still writing them.)

Well, bye jammers! Please share this on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter to show your support of this blog and also please comment. (Don't make this a one-sided 'conversation!')


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