Saturday, August 23, 2014

Welcome to Animal Jam Buddies!

Hi! Are you new to Animal Jam Buddies?

We'll give you a tour of the blog and tell you how it works!

First: How is this blog different from other Animal Jam blogs?
  1. Weekly polls, sometimes more than one
  2. We post everyday!
  3. We program our own games! :D Click here for a list of some awesome games!
  4. Fun page and other special pages :)
  5. Huge fish tank and special sidebar gadgets :D

(Basically it's awesome.) ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

The authors are Stang, Crispymint, and Snowytaco! Learn more about them on the Authors page.

If you look at the borders of the blog, you'll see special stuff on the sides.
We have weekly polls, About the Authors, Special Announcements, View Count, Popular posts, Random Fish (yes, fish, see bottom of page) and much much more!

Our pages are: Fun, Extras, Best Posts, Blogs, Videos, Chat, Art, Authors, Contests, Ask!

You'll find the pages near the top of the page, beneath the blog picture. 
We may have even more in the future!
Instead of multiple mini-blogs connected to one huge blog, we have pages that are updated like this:
(The newer articles are nearer to the top so you don't have to scroll too much.)

May 16, 2014

Hey jammers! I drew a pixel turtle!

May 15, 2014

Hi buddies! ^-^

Did you know you can play Sky High offline Animal Jam? You can just go onto the National Geographic Kids website and find the Sky High game in the games section!

I don't know if they removed it, though because this picture is kind of old 0-0

(Pages example ends here.)

And the page will include fun stuff for Fun, art in Art, Videos and videos, and so on. Most of the blog's workings is pretty much self-explanatory.

An arctic wolf, drawn by Stang. 
This is an Animal Jam meme created by Stang. 

A video by Crispymint!

Games: Click here for my profile on Scratch, a programming website for any age. 

How to Get Free Worns, Pirate Swords, and More Betas!

Most people on this blog are kind and follow the rules but are also crazy and fun!

I hope you have a great time on this blog, learning facts, being updated, and making friends!
Anyway, thank you for reading! Have a great time on this blog!


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  1. The fish thing got me so distracted for at least 2 hours 0,0


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