Monday, August 11, 2014

Panda Likes Its Sun Visor and Flavor Lava Lamps

Hello blog readers, this is Stang posting today!

Today's new item is another ice cream parlor item, the Ice Cream Topping Display! Looks a lot like a lava lamp.

And today we have the weekly Monday Rare, or RIM as DE calls it. 

Noticed something different? They didn't use the abbreviation anymore! Maybe it was because you weren't allowed to say it with Restricted Chat. (I think? Maybe they specially allow you but usually you're not allowed to say stuff like that.)

This panda looks very happy. 
Tomorrow we have a special topic, involving Stang, accidents and Animal Jam Support. (Oops!:P)
And today we have three new pictures on Art! (Check it out, and maybe send some in too!)

Well, that's it for today, bye jammers! Share to support and jam on!


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