Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spilled Ice Cream, Plushie Advertisement, and Contact Waiting

Hi buddies!
This is Stang, sorry for the late post today. There were many problems including bad Internet.

Today's new item is Spilled Ice Cream, for members. I just got a great idea for a really cool den item and I'll send it to AJHQ (when I have time). If I get a email back form a real AJHQ person, I'll show you guys.

Talking abut getting emails from AJHQ, I accidently sent one to AJHQ and got this email back:

Basically it says you have to wait 48 hours for a reply. I think this is to a real worker. Oops :(

Look, a new Animal Jam advertisement! It looks really fake.. but it has the logo! :D
You might see this on other blogs' posts later because I sent this picture to some. 

 That's not it for today! A glitch on Extras! Well, share to support and bye!



  1. SO umm what you emailing them about?

    1. I accidentally emailed them. (Oops! )

  2. Yeah I geuss that was an automatic e-mail. And after a real person will reply (I think).


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