Thursday, August 21, 2014

Otters are Here! Plus Alpha Portrait and Jamaa Journal

Hi buddies! This is Stang.

Do you know what day it is today? Update day! :)
This update the much anticipated otters have arrived! But first, here is the new item.

The Liza Portrait is most likely the beginning of a new alpha portrait series.

Here is the 125th edition of the Jamaa Journal! 
"The wait is over: OTTERS have come to Jamaa!These cool NEW ANIMALS can explore all of Jamaa's LANDS and OCEANS, and they can be found in the Diamond Shop."

Here is what the basic otter looks like. The name tag is on top and below is the regular animal player otter. 

Here is an otter with clothes and changed color, etc. Are there new otter pattern designs?

Here is an otter underwater!

Otter Actions!

  1. Sit: straight back, kind of like how a seal poses underwater. 
  2. Dance: Step side to side, and put your head under then bob upwards when changing sides. 
  3. Play: Juggle fish
  4. Hop: Just jumping, but front legs go up first and land first

  1. Pose: Kind of just sitting on water, moving legs back and forth (the otters' legs are really short!)
  2. Dance: move head back and forth while one front leg whips to the front as the other whips to the back, all in a rhythmic movement
  3. Play: lay on back, throw fish up in the water, chase the fish as it swirls around in the water currents
  4. Swirl: swirling around while bobbing head up and down
  5. Dive: Dive backwards going downward, then shoot straight up to center of name tag
Click "read more" to real the remaining pages of the Jamaa Journal!
An otter book and otter exhibit!

There is a sale in the Sol Arcade and Hard Mode of Turning the Tide has been released!

Tavie the Dolphin Alpha was born without a tail and met the alphas on her search for a replacement. 

Buy the Play Wild pack for AJ currency and merchandise. 

Well, that was a lot today and that's also it for today, so share to support and jam on, bye!


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