Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bat Baloon, Ghosts, And The Glitch!

Hello jammers! Bluewat again for my second official post! :3 today I went to target and got a membership, (YAY) we have some new daily items and the glitch Stang talked about yesterday!

                                                                             bat balloon

                                                                       Ghosts (DUH)!

                                                                 Me and the ghosts

Also, Stang talked about the glitch yesterday, which is affecting me to:

Want to see a snippet of me as a nm? click here

Well, that's all for today! Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

~Bluewat :3


  1. You posts are great so far but try not to use so much space /).^

  2. Oh and it is not a glitch. It's a new chat update. It shows probably that it sends the message.

  3. It effects everyone, Thanks tho! Great post buddy!


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