Saturday, October 4, 2014

Phantoms Vortex, Haunted Mansion, Sketch Jam, and Update Causes Chat Glitch

Hi buddies, this is Stang. About two days ago there was a huge update, mainly centered around Animal Jam's Night of the Phantoms holiday.

Before the Jamaa Journal, a new item, and pretty much everything else listed in the title above, I would like to announce that Bluewat made her first [official] post!
Click here to read it. It includes three new items and a cool fun fact about a new item!

And here's the Jamaa Journal.

I already posted the first page in an earlier post when I didn't have time to post all the pages, but here it is again.

There's a new pet adventure, go to it by clicking the phantom pipe vortexes located around the Animal Jam world.

Pandas are back and so are pet tarantulas!

New items themed to the Night of the Phantoms are trickling into Animal Jam one by one. (Or two by two in some cases.)
Plus, the Haunted House Mansion is here. 

Here's a small part of the preview. It looks spooky and quite old and abandoned. The wallpaper is peeling off and the rugs have holes in them. 

Read more to find out the new item, how much the Haunted Mansion costs, what animal is leaving and much, much more!

You can buy the Haunted Mansion in the Diamond Shop for 5 Diamonds. It is a member's den. 

Puppy sketch jam and ocean alpha statues!

I never noticed the Sketch Jam feature... is it new?

The phantom vortex will award you with rare prizes and the Haunted Forest party is here!

Cheetahs are leaving soon!

Here's the Phantom Vortex. This is where it is located in Jamaa Township.

The game is the same one every year. I don't know what the prize is because I didn't have time to play it yet. (If you know what it is, please send in a picture and the name of it, thanks!)

Usually this is the first picture on the post; the new item: The Tiger Claw.

 There was a weird problem with my chat; I would say "..." after I entered my message, About a second or a fraction of it later, my real message would appear. I talking with my friend and she didn't do that so I guess it only shows up on your own computer.

"I think its an update." -Pinkiedash24224 (my buddy)

Wow, that was a huge post! Don't forget to read Bluewat's post to find out the hree new items plus an interesting fact about another item! Click here to read it.

Share to support (this is a really huge post) and jam on!


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  1. Yes it is an update! And the new chat update is bad :(. It doesn't let you say many stuff. Even the appropriate ones.


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