Thursday, October 23, 2014

Jamma Day Journal, Halo, Candy Bowl, NEW ANIMAL, and MORE!

Hi guys + girls! It's Bluewat, with  a TON of new stuff today. AJ is really bringing it in! We have all the new stuff in the journal including a NEW ANIMAL??!
I'll start with items first.
                                                                   Candy Bowl is back! :3
Next, Jamma Journal:

                             Awesome! I have a lot of den items and need more space ^^

 What is this? NEW ANIMAL??!! it looks like some kind  of lizard honestly.

BTW before you GOO.. please check out the post about DECIDING  ( <<< CLICKY CLICKY xD)
please it will make Halloween FUN Come on HELP ME OUT!! Ok, im done. Have a fun night,



  1. Whoa! I think it's a polar bear.

  2. lol! where did you see a polar bear?? it kind of makes sense because it was in winter..


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